Noumin Cafe, Shimokitazawa Tokyo

It’s strange to call it “peasant cafe,” but that’s the direct translation from Japanese to English for the name of this cafe. Trust me on this one that it sounds better in Japanese.

This cafe was made a few years back. It’s a two-story house that got converted into a cafe. It’s literally a house, so you take off your shoes at the front door. Tomoko and I went upstairs where there were three separate tatami rooms. We sat down on tatami that had a very low table, and my feet started tingling for not practicing this Japanese culture often.

This cafe is so unique! When ordering you pick up the floor designated phone and push a button that calls the kitchen downstairs. And they take your order!

And on to their menu. Their menu is all vegetarian. They serve fresh local vegetable that they grow themselves. On my lunch plate, I got tamago yaki (Japanese egg omelet), tofu in glass with molokheiya, corn fritter, French bean with ground sesame seeds, and cold stewed eggplant, with white rice (sprinkled with lack and white sesame seeds). Tomoko got their lunch curry hat looked super good (I skipped on curry because I had curry twice and a half that week).

Noumin Cafe website:

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